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Rev. Billy on Golden Toads, the Pope, Yerdle & Our Gift Economy



This week’s inspired sermon from climate change activist Reverend Billy Talen highlights our interconnectedness, and the power inherent in sharing. The charismatic leader of the Church of Stop Shopping deftly weaves links between the extinct golden toad, the pope, our emerging gift economy, exuberant joy and hope for our future. This is how the Reverend describes his powerful video message:

“This is a laughing sermon today, children. When we laugh, we restore extinct animals to their rightful throne. We double over in guffaws, and we sense that the extinction of species like the Golden Toad is one and the same as the extinction of the happy gift economy in the old neighborhood, in the bodega that range with laughter. As western Consumerism spreads, biological diversity and cultural diversity both devolve into the boring monoculture. But laughing warriors will destroy the sad monoculture and resurrect the dead! It’s a miracle! Life-a-lujah!”


The New Sharing Economy


In this week’s lively Freakstorm sermon, Rev. Billy also mentions a new sharing platform called Yerdle. This free online tool helps create a community for people to more easily share and exchange unneeded items with one another, much like Streetbank, the British-based neighborhood local lending network.


This Freakstorm installment was directed by Laura Newman
Rev. Billy image via the Church of Stop Shopping