40 days of green smoothies

My friend and fellow Important Media editor, Becky Striepe, has just published a new e-book showing just how easy it can be to make a wide variety of delectable and nutritious beverages. 40 Days of Green Smoothies illustrates the simple step by step instructions to enable you to create all manner of affordable liquid lusciousness that will also help you to feel great.

Becky explained that she was inspired to write this smoothie cookbook because she often found herself periodically skipping breakfast during the hectic morning rush; and she also wanted to intentionally add something beneficial to her life during Lent, instead of giving something up for that time period, as is often the convention:

“I decided to do a green smoothie every morning for 40 days. After drinking a smoothie a day for almost 6 weeks I felt lighter, healthier, and more energetic than ever. A lot of folks I’ve talked to about my green smoothie experiment have mentioned that they don’t know where to start or that it’s just too expensive to do every day, but with a little bit of planning, that doesn’t have to be the case.

The troublesome thing about the daily green smoothie is keeping the house stocked with the right ingredients. You need a routine that doesn’t involve frequent trips to the store. The whole idea here is to start a habit, so I’m trying to limit what you have to buy. You’ll see a lot of repeat ingredients each week, because one of the tricks to getting into the green smoothie habit is not only keeping it affordable but making this easy to maintain. I want you to come away after your 40 days not just feeling healthier but knowing how to build your own green smoothies, so you can keep it going without getting bored.”

Some of the book’s ingredient suggestions, like fresh kale, turmeric, flax meal or almond milk, might not be what you have traditionally included in a blended snack, but the different flavor combinations taste really good, and all work very well together. This simple and well designed guide to making a wide variety of delicious and healthy smoothies has beautiful photographs, easy to understand instructions, and costs only a few dollars.

You can purchase the ipad version of Becky’s book here, and the non-ipad version can be bought here. Your happy mouth and healthier body will undoubtedly be glad that you did.