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Can You Help Find a Good Home for Max?


Many thousands of families have lost their homes and jobs due to our nation’s dire economic situation, which has also resulted in people being forced to give up untold numbers of beloved pets for adoption. Rescue agencies across the country are helping to find new homes for these homeless creatures, but it is not easy to place all of the orphaned animals in need into stable homes. If you are planning to bring a new pet into your family, please consider adopting a rescued animal.

Bull Terrier Max

Do you know someone who might be able to give Max a good home?

Max is one of many rescued dogs in need of a loving family to help take care of him. He is a feisty mini Bull Terrier who is presently residing in Oregon. The miniature Bull Terrier Rescue Agency explains a little about the sort of home in which this adorable canine would thrive:

“Max is a white Mini Bull Terrier who is in need of a foster and/or adoption. He is in Oregon but could also be placed in Washington or surrounding states. If you know anyone who may be able to provide a home for this boy please let us know! As with most rescues he needs a home without other pets. Was raised with kids, but we would advise older children as he has pretty high energy. Contact Kimarie Wolf at tuxedolilbull@gmail.com.”

Bull Terrier Max

My spouse and I recently adopted a ten-year old dog named Pandora from the San Francisco based Bull Terrier Rescue. She is sweet, stubborn and hilariously idiosyncratic, and has brought much love and happiness to our family. I know from personal experience that this rescue agency does an excellent job of rehabilitating orphaned dogs, as well as helping to place the beloved critters into responsible homes.

If you can, please help to find an appropriate loving home for Max, and consider supporting the important work that these animal rescue groups accomplish.

 For more information about adopting an orphan Bull Terrier rescue, please visit: bullterrierrescue.org

Pandora the Bull Terrier

Here is Pandora, the newest addition to our family; she is an affectionate older Bull Terrier.


photos of Max via Miniature Bull Terrier Rescue