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Wellness Health Tips from Fermentation Nutrition Expert Summer Bock


Starting this month my friend Summer Bock will begin regularly contributing some of her extensive nutritional and health wisdom to Ecolocalizer in our new weekly blog feature, Wellness Wednesdays. Ms. Bock will be educating us about everything from how to make a diverse variety of your own fermented foods and plant-based medicinals, to better understanding and treating food allergies and persistent digestive problems.

Summer Bock

Summer processing pounds of organic ginger for a batch of fermented Fire Chi.


In addition to being a Fermentationist, Summer is also one of the co-founders of OlyKraut, a successful Washington-based sauerkraut company that locally sources most of their ingredients. She also maintains a busy nutrition coach/ herbalist practice, which allows her the opportunity to teach inquisitive nutrition nerds how to become healthier and thrive.

Summer helps people to resolve their health concerns by ridding their bodies of toxins, restoring energy levels, rebuilding native intestinal ecology and naturally boosting immune functioning. Some of her educational programs include: The Nutrition Geek Detox, Gut Rebuilding, and how to make your own fermented foods. She has degrees & certifications from Columbia University, Evergreen State College, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The New Mexico College of Natural Healing.