At Ecolocalizer, we are always looking for stories which show how the spirit of humanity is finding its way back to nature.  I ran across this article today and I was very inspired to read about how the people in Mexico City are bringing green back to a city that has been notoriously dangerous,industrialized  and polluted for decades.
This makes sense because the Aztecs, from the Mexico City playa, were some of the very best gardeners and plant breeders that the world has ever seen. Many of the vegetable, herb, and spice  varieties we love today came from the breeding efforts of the people who lived in the region before being conquered by the Spanish.  I remember the food markets back in the 90’s and can still see the vast array of colors and foods.  Way to go Mexico.

Revolution in Mexico City, one lettuce at a time (via AFP)

A green revolution is sweeping across the car and concrete jungle of Mexico City, an infamously smoggy capital that was once dubbed “Makesicko City” by novelist Carlos Fuentes. Residents are growing vegetables on rooftops, planting trees where buildings once stood, hopping on bicycles and riding in…

Photo :Attribution Some rights reserved by Eneas