Rachel Maddow eloquently described the tremendous impact of our recent election this week, although some clueless conservative politicians still seem determined to continue living in their own clumsily constructed bubble of denial. Rachel’s political explanation seems to have really resonated with voters, more than a half-dozen of my friends posted this video clip on their social media sites before the cable news show had even finished.

Dr. Maddow delivers an accurate and concise reality check to the extreme right, many of whom still seem utterly baffled about how their predicted Romney presidential landslide never happened. She clearly explains that our nation’s voters emphatically refused to embrace the right-wing agenda of mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds and Republican attempts to redefine rape. Elections do indeed have consequences, and the people have spoken.



Rachel Maddow on election 2012

image via Peter Ziomek & the MaddowBlog