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Help Fund The Mouse that Roared Film to Promote Transparency & Truth



Iceland is a shining example of what a functional democracy can actually accomplish. The sensible economic reforms that the european nation implemented after their bankruptcy several years ago, as well as their progressive public process of drafting a new open source constitution, has helped to transform Iceland’s financial institutions and their entire democracy. Their successful example of an engaged open political process is one that many countries could emulate.

One of Iceland’s most prominent citizens is the free speech activist and Icelandic MP, Birgitta Jónsdóttir. The leader is one of the seven different plaintiffs who won a landmark decision ruling that US indefinite detention provisions are unconstitutional, also helped release the horrific Collateral Murder military video footage to the world, and has been organizing to free imprisoned whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Jónsdóttir is now working to create a documentary film entitled “The Mouse That Roared”, which chronicles the huge personal risks and tremendous importance of fighting for transparency and truth in the age of pervasive government surveillance and oppressive censorship. The filmmakers are trying to raise $50,00 in the next three weeks to help finish the movie. The Academy Award nominate director, Judith Ehrlich, is directing the film. She also made “The Most Dangerous Man in America, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.”

This is how their new documentary is described:

The Mouse that Roared’, based in Iceland, investigates one of the most pressing challenges in the world today — how do we extend the hard-won rights of democratic societies into the digital space where most of our communication now takes place?

 Through our character-driven documentary featuring Birgitta Jonsdóttír — poet, Buddhist, activist, single mom, and elected member of the Icelandic Parliament — we explore the question, ‘is the Internet to become what WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange calls ‘most significant surveillance machine that we have ever seen,’ or will it be a platform for innovation, creativity, community building and justice?”

For more information or to donate to “The Mouse that Roared”, please visit their Indigogo fundraising site.


the mouse that roared

About this photo, Birgitta writes:

“Me and Assange talking about the future of bits just after a protest at the square outside the parliament in Iceland early 2010. I don’t think we could possibly imagine what events were to follow even if I am right to assume we both dream of making this world slightly better and believe that individuals can tilt the pillars of power with transparency and access to truth.”


Iceland photo via Bellacaledonia.org
bottom image via Birgitta Jónsdóttir