Avenging Uterus

A big thanks to all of Important Media writers and blogs who participated in Women’s Rights Week. Our different websites covered diverse issues related to local economies, hunger, entrepreneurship, health, matriarchies and international philanthropy. The Inspired Economist introduced us to many sustainably oriented female CEOs; we also received an update from the “Nuns on the Bus” and the Democratic convention. Please check out the articles that you may have missed during last week.


Crafting a Green World:

Women’s Rights Week: 5 Crafty Organizations Helping Women Through Craft

Eat Drink Better:

Women Food Producers Can Alleviate Hunger if Given the Opportunity

Feelgood Style:

How the Nakate Project is Helping Women in Africa Live a Better Life

Inspired Economist:

Meet the Top Sustainable Women CEOs: Kim Jordan

Women in Focus Week, Day 2! Meet the Top Women Sustainable CEOs: Eileen Fisher

Women in Focus Week: Day 3! Meet the top women sustainable CEOs: Irene Rosenfeld (Kraft)

Women in Focus Week: Day 4! Meet the top women sustainable CEOs: Gail Kelly (WestPac Bank)

Women in Focus Week, Day 5! Meet the Top Women Sustainable CEOs: Jan Blittersdorf


Women’s Rights & Women’s Gifts

Clean Technica:

Wishful Thinking about Rape, and Global Warming, Too

From Denying Climate Change to Denying Rape


15 Online Resources For Women Entrepreneurs

Vibrant Wellness Journal:

For your health: what is an endocrine disruptor and why you should care

Homemade body care products

Healing Disordered Eating with Plant-Based Diets

The sweet life: natural approaches to healing candida


Appropriate Technology: Liberating Women from “Women’s Work”


Mom-In-Chief Michelle Obama Helps Us Remember Why We Love the American Dream (Full DNC Speech Video)

Elizabeth Warren Addresses the DNC: We Build Our Future Together

Sister Simone Campbell at the DNC: We are All Responsible for One Another

Forcible Legitimate Rape, or Birth Control as Imagined by Crazy People?

Matriarchal Societies, Amorous Bonobos & Penis Fencing

Nuns Fight Congress & the Vatican: Colbert Interviews Sister Simone Campbell (Video)


Avenging Uterus is via Matt Bors