debt is fiction


Imagine a world where money does not exist; it’s not difficult, if you try. Money itself is useless — you can not eat a twenty-dollar bill sandwich, or live in a house constructed entirely of silver dollars — all that we need are the things that money can buy for us. Now is the time to re-imagine how our lives would look without wages, debt, interest or any form of money.

Our economies are largely concerned only with moving currency around, not giving any of us what we actually need, or making anyone healthy and happy. The idea of money just creates a stratified scoring system of haves and have-nots. If you don’t have money, you die.

The increasingly popular concept of Basic Income helps somewhat to address these tremendous global inequities, but that idea may not encompass the scope of the visionary shift that is needed. We can create a free world and fair society without money and poverty. Here is one enlightened possibility from The Free World Charter describing how our world could be structured if we entirely eliminate the monetary system:


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