Important Media Weekly Link Party

Ecolocalizer is a member of a larger blog cooperative known as Important Media, which is a community of websites dedicated to news that matters. This includes a variety of topics ranging from learning how to forage or make what you need instead of buying it new, to water scarcity and sustainable transportation issues, organic gardening, local activism and clean energy technology. We are devoted to bringing you news and ideas on all of these subjects and much more.

Each week Important Media highlights a list of featured articles from across our diverse network, including compelling posts from Eat Drink Better, Blue Living Ideas, Planetsave, Crafting a Green World, Feelgood Style and CleanTechnica. Please take a moment to read some of this week’s highlighted articles, and you might learn something new:

  • Summer Ailments and Their Natural Treatments – Green Living Ideas
  • Judge Rules Obama’s Indefinite Detention Violates Our Constitutional Rights – Ecolocalizer
  • Four Urban Sustainability Projects You May Not Know About Yet – Green Building Elements
  • Crafty Uses for the Mint from Your Garden – Crafting a Green World
  • EWG Sunscreen Guide 2012 – Feelgood Style
  • Historic Anti-GMO Ruling: Philippine Supreme Court Bans BT Eggplant – Eat Drink Better
  • Industrial Waste Disposal Facility Responsible for Formaldehyde in Tone River in Japan– Blue Living Ideas
  • New Inexpensive and More Environmentally Friendly Solar Cell – CleanTechnica
  • Invisibility Cloak Traps a Rainbow – Planetsave