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Occupy Wall Street Calls National General Strike for International Workers’ Day


May Day General Strike poster

International Workers’ Day is celebrated across the globe tomorrow, May 1. This significant holiday traditionally honors workers and their ongoing struggle for basic rights, as well as the importance of labor unions and their fight for equity and justice. Many worker-owned cooperatives are closed to honor May Day, and the Occupy Wall Street movement is now calling for a General Strike on the first of May.

May Day General Strike poster

In an effort to  build solidarity with other groups, Occupy is calling for everyone to boycott work, school, shopping and banking for May Day, and instead join together to organize. This is a statement that OWS has issued explaining the need for a national strike on International Workers’ Day:

“Building on the international celebration of May Day, past General Strikes in U.S. cities like Seattle and Oakland, the recent May 1st Day Without An Immigrant demonstrations, the national general strikes in Spain this year, and the ongoing student strike in Quebec, the Occupy Movement has called for A Day Without the 99% on May 1st, 2012. This in and of itself is a tremendous victory. For the first time, workers, students, immigrants, and the unemployed from over 125 U.S. cities will stand together for economic justice.”



May Day Events Guide


Many different May Day protests, actions  and demonstrations are being planned in various cities across our land. Here is a link to a directory of events for May 1, 2012 from Occupy Wall Street:


as well as a guide from the Nation magazine:



OWS general strike poster



General Strike poster is via Occupy Wall Street