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TEK Mobilization Device: Amazing Robotic Replacement for Wheelchairs (Video)

TEK Robotic Mobility Device

Today I ran across this amazing robotic tool made by TEK Robotic Mobilization Device that not only replaces the wheelchair for people who have mobility issues, but provides the opportunity for many people to have a more independent and active life. I don’t usually endorse any company or specific product, but this robotic tool is so revolutionary and has the possibility to improve life for people with physical disabilities so drastically, that I could not resist.

I don’t know if you know anyone who lives with paralysis or physical disabilities, but for these people even the most basic tasks can be difficult. What makes it worse is that they often have to live with tools that are supposed to help, but can be frustrating to use because of  problems with design, size, and shape. The wheelchair is a prime example.

According to a report from the University of California San Francisco, 93% of  people who use wheelchairs report functional limitations and difficulty in basic activities; for 66% the limitation is so severe that it restricts their ability to perform self-care activities. The problems arising from wheelchair use require many people with disabilities to have daily and regular assistance from other people just to get through each day.


The Problem with Wheelchairs


Though the wheelchair is very beneficial for many, it also has severe constraints. The limitations can impact very basic life tasks, such as preparing meals, shopping, using the telephone, doing housework and attending social events.

Wheelchairs don’t fit under most counter tops. You can’t get very close to counter tops for cooking or talking to an attendant at a bar or store. It is difficult to independently use the toilet, or get in and out of bed. It can be nearly impossible for someone to reach the floor or raise their body higher so that they have a larger range for grabbing, picking up or manipulating tools and objects. It is difficult to get into many places because of slope, doorway size, or bends and turns in hallways.

Please watch this video and tell anyone you know who is struggling with their wheelchair about this amazing and useful tool.