The internationally acclaimed syndicated cartoonist, Keith Knight, recently launched a Kickstarter fundraiser in order to create a graphic novel chronicling his years performing as a teenage Michael Jackson impersonator. Mr. Knight is the creator of the popular daily comic, The Knight Life, as well as the semi-autobiographical cartoon strip, the K Chronicles.

Keith is a talented, incisive and clever artist, in addition to being very prolific. He has already published a number of books — last year we reviewed his hilarious recent anthology of (Th)ink cartoons, “Too Small to Fail“. The collection of comics is essential reading material for every bathroom.

Keith Knight

The artist Keith Knight in Culver City, California last year.

Kickstarter vs. the NEA


As government funding for for the arts continues to disappear, more and more artists are turning to crowdsourcing for their work, and are finding much needed support. It is a sad testament to the state of our nation’s culture that Kickstarter is now funding more artists than the National Endowment for the Arts. But since that is the harsh present reality, many projects such as this graphic novel might never be made without the help of the public at large.

Mr. Knight is a friend of mine, and I have been hearing little brief snippets of his former life as a teenage Michael Jackson impersonator for years. The high maintenance Madonna-wannabe girlfriend, the legendary tour with both a Bruce Springsteen and a Prince impersonator — the entire sordid and hilarious story must be told.

Keith only has a few weeks to generate the needed $40,000, but has already raised over a fifth of the funds required to complete the book. If you are able, please consider giving your support to this project so that we can all be transported back to the eighties to find out the whole bizarre truth about what really happened.