For those wanting to see what happens with a community garden located on the rooftop, go visit the Brooklyn Grange – which is not in really in Brooklyn, but in Queens. Now what is considered the world’s largest rooftop farm is expanding again. But first, some background.

According to the Grange website, the company in 2009 with the name, Brooklyn Grange, LLC because the founders – all of them residing in Brooklyn – thought they had a site in Brooklyn locked down. But in spring of 2010 the company relocated to its current location on Northern Blvd. in Queens.

At that point, however, we had already established an LLC under the name “Brooklyn Grange,” had begun using the name in public at our fundraisers and events in the winter and didn’t want to confuse the folks who had been following our progress and supporting our efforts. We’ve kept our name as Brooklyn Grange, but we are thrilled with our new home in LIC, Queens and have really enjoyed meeting the community there.

This one-acre (40,000 square foot) farm in Queens is made up of roughly 1.2 million lbs of soil and over 20,000 linear feet of green roofing material. That may hold a lot of weight, but Grange managers say that’s not a problem:

Our farm was designed and installed with the support of engineers and architects who assessed and approved the site. The building was constructed in 1919 and is built like a rock. The roof is made of a thick reinforced concrete slab, which is approved for loads far in excess of the 30 lbs. per square foot of materials that we have installed.

Now that winter is here, the Brooklyn Grange will open a second rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, writes Chase Emmons, director of marketing. Now that the Grange is also back in Brooklyn, this summer should provide the Big Apple’s urban farming enthusiasts with a harvest of good green news and plenty to eat.