The Pacific Northwest is still digging out from the extensive damage wrought by last week’s extreme weather and unprecedented snowstorm. Fallen trees and ice have torn a path of destruction across the region. We were snowed in for several days, and I have friends in Olympia who have been without power for a week.

beaver with a stick

In rural Eatonville Washington the storm damage was so extreme that the local animal preserve, Northwest Trek Wildlife, has been forced to close until next month. The park is over 700 acres, and is home to hundreds of different creatures that are native to the Pacific Northwest.

beaver carrying branch

Their website explains how everyone, including this industrious female beaver, is coming together to help clean up the destruction:

“We experienced severe damage from last week’s storm and will remain closed for extensive cleanup and repairs. Our five-year-old female beaver has been helping with the massive cleanup around her Northwest Trek Wildlife Park home. Members of the public who would like to make a donation to the park’s storm cleanup fund can visit our website at”

beaver nw trek

images via Northwest Trek Wildlife Park