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Wealth Gap Map Shows Road to Next Great Depression


This wealth distribution map graphic hit me in the gut this morning. It clearly conveys visually how very much is owned by so few. The simple map really helps one to grasp just how monumentally distorted our resource inequality problem is.

I am so sick of people toying with language, calling what has been happening economically a “recession”. It is time that we all stop claiming that somehow we are not in the midst of the most massive global economic implosion in the history of our nation. It’s more than a “great” depression, it is absolutely epic.

The growing income disparity chasm in the United States today is far more extreme than even the dangerously unstable levels preceding the Great Depression. Food stamp usage has increased more than 74% since 2007. The New York Times just reported on the enormous expanding population that has been thrust into extreme poverty; over 46 million people now in our nation are living below the poverty line:

“Another 2.6 million people slipped into poverty in the United States last year, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday, and the number of Americans living below the official poverty line, 46.2 million people, was the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it.”

wealth gap map

The Other 98% shared this powerful graphic from the nice folks at the growing Occupy movement near you.