Millions of us have already chosen to move our money out of huge inhumane corporate banks, into smaller, community-oriented financial institutions that invest directly in our own area. International Bank Transfer Day is just one week away. Consider joining the growing movement to reinvest locally into small, more accountable credit unions and independently owned neighborhood banks.

This graphic from Dawna Croasdale Foreman sums it all up quite succinctly:

Withdraw from Your Shitty Bank

Just Say No to Credit Card Applications

Here is another small legal act of protest that each of us can do to help fight the chokehold of unaccountable corporate banks:


This idea is genius, and also quite effective. Years ago I started mailing back all of the junk mail credit card applications that I used to receive, stuffed with all of the papers that were sent to me, along with a simple hand-written “No Thank You”. Very soon I stopped getting any more of these wasteful, unwanted and annoying solicitations from the corrupt corporate banks.

This small simple act of legal protest also helps to generate more revenue for the Post Office. I totally love the Post Office; unlike bankers, postal employees work very hard, and earn much less than what they are worth. Think about moving your money now.

Bank Transfer Day bill

Bank Transfer Day is November 5th.


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