eco-friendly bridge in chicago

Environment protection is a growing concern. As a result, numerous scientists devote their entire life devising ways to create a cleaner and greener earth. Here are some inventions they’ve created that will make earth safer and pollution-free (or less polluted).

The Ivanhoe Reservoir

The Los Angeles Power and Water department has dropped around 400,000 plastic balls into the Ivanhoe reservoir. This is done in order to protect the drinking supply of around 6,000,000 customers and get clean and safe water to them. The plastic balls (which, of course, are more than just plastic balls) also help in blocking the growth of carcinogens. This particular reservoir is around 102 year old and this invention helps protect it from the bromide and chlorine mixes and also from the sunlight. Yeah, the plastic has its own harm, but, at this point, these are providing a critical purpose for millions of people.

Waterless Washing Machine

At the University of Leeds, researchers have devised a way to wash clothes using less than two percent of the water and power that is now involved in this process. Xeros is the name given to the washing machine. It can also remove virtually all kinds of stains and uses less than a cup of water for washing the clothes. And, because so little water is used, the clothes come out of the machine in almost dry form. This helps in reducing the power required for drying the clothes (if they aren’t line-dried).


Eco Laptop

The Asus notebook uses bamboo for much of its material. The plastic used inside it is recyclable. No paints or sprays are used in the manufacturing of these laptops, and the electroplating usage on the components is also reduced. The laptop will be available commercially next year and will likely be the most eco-friendly laptop option available.

The Eco Bridge in Chicago

Chicago is fast changing into a place with lots of eco-friendly measures, and the Eco Bridge at the Monroe tower is one such example of eco-friendly construction already in existence there. The bridge is constructed using eco-friendly material and is open for tourists and citizens. The designing of the bridge is done by Golden Gill Architecture and Adrian Smith and it is 2 miles in length. It connects the two opposite centers of the city, the Grant Park and the city center. It also offers an excellent view of the city.

The Zero-Pollution Motor

Tata Motors Company, in association with Popular Mechanics, will bring the first air-powered cars to market soon. They will be available to the common public sometime this year, reportedly, and will be available at a price of $18,000. These cars have a top speed of around 96 miles per hour. Though not the fastest, they have highly efficient fuel consumption ratios and can go a thousand miles on a full tank!

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