moist beans

Earlier this week I was so inspired by Urban Artichoke’s great post on growing legumes that I decided to plant some beans in our garden. I was holding off a few days before sowing for the rain to finally let up, but sometimes in western Washington if you wait for the rain to stop, you will be waiting for a very, very long time.

I gathered up all of the half empty packages of beans that I could find, including lots of older unlabeled seeds, and soaked them in water overnight to help with the rate of germination. One of the varieties is a locally saved organic dry bean heirloom, “Lina Cisco’s Bird Egg” from Uprising Seeds in Bellingham; but all of the other seeds that went into the ground are of an unknown origin. It will be curious to see what actually sprouts.

Recycled Snowperson Bean Trellis

As exciting as it is anticipating a multitude of tiny young legume sprouts pushing up through the moist earth, my absolute favorite aspect of this bean planting adventure is my experiment with a recycled trellis. I am not entirely sure if it will work for my intended garden function, but I love gazing at the strange found sculpture so much, with its relentlessly upbeat outlook and vacuously chipper smile, that I almost don’t even care if the beans ever succeed in growing up it.

recycled snowperson bean trellis

A few years ago there was a massive flood in this area, and this holiday decoration got caught up in the detritus and sludge. When I was looking around for something to use as a bean trellis, I came across the overgrown muddy object half buried in the trees, and had an immediate recycled bean trellis vision.

I dug the seeds into the wet ground on Wednesday, in honor of my good friend Ida’s birthday; then I placed the happy snowperson in the center of the garden bed. I am hoping that some of the vine varieties of beans will grow up and intertwine in amongst the structure’s woven spheres. As the season progresses, I will keep you all posted as to the status of both the young bean plants and the recycled snowman.