More cities are implementing Bike to Work campaigns and using the outcomes from these events to find ways to support city planning for improved bicycle commutes. Delaware even has an interative database that allows green commuters to track the impact they are making. Nationally, Ray LaHood, Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation, promoted biking to work on his blog by highlighting this Year’s Clif Bar 2-Mile Challenge which runs from May through October.

The Clif Bar 2-Mile Challenge that LaHood mentioned asks competitors to bike instead of using their car for two mile trips. The site explains, “40% of all urban travel in the US happens within 2 miles of where people live? 90% of that travel is by car!” That’s a lot of carbon dioxide output when foot-pedaling works just as well and with far more positive outcomes, namely health benefits. Participants can join one of theses three teams, each of which will benefit from the program:, Alliance for Biking and Walking, or Safe Routes to School. The competition runs from May 12th through October 31st.

If you’d like to give biking to work or school a try, offers helpful tips for making your first work commute easier. Planning and setting realistic goals are the most important considerations. How far can you go and how will you make the rest of your trip? Think about the basics, like plans for clothing changes, the possibility of mechanical malfunctions, and safety. Remember when the distance is too far for a complete bike trek, many bikers commute to metro hubs where public transit take them onward to their destination. This still reduces carbon footprints and may even allow a little reading time during the rest of your commute.

Wonder how your city rates against other bike-friendly cities and the ease of your commute? Take a look at Bicycling Magazine’s Top 50 Bike Friendly Cities and see how you can help your city support bike commuters and expand local programs like the those in Delaware.

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