Let's Go Chipper Into the Great Outdoors tour

From April through June 2011, the Let’s Go Chipper Into the Great Outdoors Tour crisscrosses the country to encourage children and families to get outside and play in time for Earth Day and summer fun. Chipper is an inquisitive city squirrel who will visit schools, parks, stores and events to generate enthusiasm for outdoor activities.

REI, Coleman, The Family Groove Magazine, and CAN DO KIDS are all lining up to promote and support Chipper and his message. Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies reports that kids that have early and broad exposure to nature have a better appreciation for the environment and develop empathy for living creatures. Chipper appeals to young children by using music, rhyme and repetition.

Creator Stephanie Rach-Wilson believes that it’s important for children to spend a lot of time outdoors. The Chipper website reports that Nature Deficit Disorder, Juvenile Diabetes, ADHD and other disorders are associated with too little exercise and too much time spent in front of the TV and on the computer.  Rach-Wilson adds,“Chipper’s message to get outside and play is simple, yet in our busy lives we often forget the importance of connecting with nature. Luckily, our children’s curiosity is a constant reminder.”

Rach-Wilson created Chipper to provide parents with a resource that makes exploring the outdoors fun. Visit www.letsgochipper.com to see the award-winning eco-educational series of books, apps, movies, and community programs.

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