The new Congress seems to be spending too much time drinking Tea and not catching up on the latest science (or it is just gets all its science information from the fossil fuel industry). It has launched a full out attack on science and the environment. The Endangered Species Act and certain iconic species haven’t been spared.

Leading non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the Earth and its resources Earthjustice has launched a fun, informative, and totally engaging campaign to get enough citizen momentum behind these species to keep Congress from doing them in.

The campaign, Save Our Skins, includes a petition, of course, but also an innovative Twitter campaign and some YouTube videos. Here’s a little more:

Earthjustice “is using social media to personify three animals that have been threatened by a number of anti-wildlife legislation tactics: the gray wolf, the salmon, and the polar bear.”

Here’s a little teaser:

The Wolf

How do you spell “AWESOME” in four letters? W-O-L-F.

I dominate the fairy tale market. I’m on every black t-shirt howling at the moon. And all those dogs you spend hours walking and picking up after? Guess who they’re descended from? That’s right, I’m your dog’s daddy.


The Polar Bear

Michael Phelps swims 400 meters and he gets a gold medal and the cover of a Wheaties box. An older gentleman jumps in the water at Coney Island for 1 minute in January and they call him a Polar Bear. No, I’m a Polar Bear.

The Salmon

Can anyone hear me? I’m just a normal salmon who’s made a terrible mistake. I just googled myself and the results were not good.


Check out more via the links above and on their Twitter accounts:@WolfSOS, @SalmonSOS, @PolarBearSOS.

And don’t forget to sign the petition.

Want more info on what’s going on in Congress? Here’s more on that from Earthjustice:

In these early weeks of the congressional session, they’ve acted as if wolves, polar bears and salmon are barriers to progress. They tried, and failed, to transform a simple budget bill into a cudgel against the Endangered Species Act and the animals it protects.

But, this grim anti-environment faction isn’t quitting. They’ve just begun. In the next few weeks, we expect a new wave of legislative attacks on the ESA and other cornerstone environmental laws. And we will be there in the courts and in the halls of Congress, as we have all along, to defend against it.

One more time, help to protect these species by signing Earthjustice’s petition and sharing the news.

Image via Earthjustice

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