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One of the most energy-efficient ways to stay warm on cool nights is to take a hottie to bed. A hottie uses less energy than an electric blanket or a space heater, and a hottie can help you keep your body hot and your thermostat down.

Ok, by now you are asking yourself where can I get me a hottie. It may not be as hard to find one as you think! (A hottie, by the way, is New Zealand-style slang for a hot water bottle.)

The best way to use a hottie is to simply fill a hot water bottle with boiling water and bring it into the bed with you. Some hot water bottles are microwave safe and can be reheated over and over again. Put the hot water bottle under the covers to create your own blanket-bound thermal envelope and sleep the night away with the knowledge that you’ve saved some electricity.

When the night is over and the water in your bottle has grown tepid, use that water to feed a houseplant. Hot water bottles can also be used to treat minor medical conditions, like earaches and sore muscles. Let’s see your space heater do that.

Be sure to check your hottie for any damage or leaks each night, because if it leaks warm water during the night, you may have an accident.

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Photo Credit:  Brandon Christopher Warren