I reported earlier that riding public transportation can save you approximately $10,000 a year. Well, even for those who don’t ride public transit, you are benefiting form it. Of course, you are benefiting because of the cleaner environment you get to live in, but you are also benefiting because public transit saves you time. Think it sucks to be stuck behind a bus? Imagine being stuck behind 20 cars instead. Get the picture? Here’s more from the American Public Transportation Association:

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) today released its highly regarded congestion report, 2010 Urban Mobility Report, which looked at road congestion in 439 United States urban areas. As in past years, the data overwhelmingly shows the importance of public transportation in relieving congestion. In fact, the report’s improved methodology indicates that public transportation has an even greater role in reducing congestion than previously thought.

The 2010 Urban Mobility Report makes clear that without public transportation services, travelers would have suffered an additional 785 million hours of delay and consumed 640 million more gallons of fuel. Had there been no public transportation service available in the 439 urban areas studied, congestion costs for 2009 would have risen by nearly $19 billion from $115 to $134 billion. (See the table below for the top 36 urban areas.)

“There is no doubt that expanding public transportation use is key to reducing traffic congestion,” said American Public Transportation Association (APTA) President William Millar. “Clearly, even if you don’t ride public transportation, it is still in your best interest to support investment in public transit. Better public transportation in your community means less congestion on the roads.”

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Photo Credit: LA Ward