Possible Cause of Both Mass Fish and Bird Deaths

While some are quick to think that the almost simultaneous fish and bird deaths are just coincidences and there is no relationship, others are quick to think the opposite. Here are some theories proposed that may explain them both:

  • Government/military testing: In short, the government/military testing certain technologies or biological warfare.
  • Aliens: To be quite honest, this is not a very likely possibility in my mind, but I have seen the comment so many times it has to be included.
  • Disease: Unlikely, and I probably shouldn’t be including this here since I included it above, but perhaps there is some disease affecting both fish and birds, as opposed to different diseases affecting them separately. (In such diverse places, though? And so suddenly?)
  • I saved my favorite explanation for last: Related to geologic shifts or gas exploration (which is apparently present in the Arkansas region where the fish and birds died), a gas explosion and/or leaking of gas could be responsible for the deaths. The birds started falling from the sky in Arkansas after a loud explosion according to residents nearby. And some commenters have noted that mass deaths from gas leakage have occurred before and affected fish before birds (as in this case).

Note that some combination of several of these possibilities could explain what has happened in recent days.

To be quite honest, I am still quite unsure what I think the most likely cause(s) of the deaths is or are.

Any more ideas?

Photo Credit: News One