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With global weirding comes a lot of huge ecological changes that we will need to adapt to quickly. As the global climate warms, nature does strange things,.. strange meaning not what it has done for centuries upon centuries. Scientists are now identifying one such critical change concerning Australia’s tropical marine life. Here’s more via Joshua S. Hill of our sister site Planetsave:

Many scientists believe and have witnessed, with the increase in global warming, a shift in marine life as they head south, seeking refuge from increasing temperatures in the tropics. Many scientists believe that the subtropics will play a major role in safeguarding Australia’s tropical marine life, especially if northern reefs die off as some scientists fear.

“The subtropics are really about life on the edge – where tropical and temperate marine species meet and mix in a rich diversity,” said Professor John Pandolfi of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and The University of Queensland. “There is already evidence that tropical species are migrating southwards in response to warming, making the subtropics all the more important. ”

“Unfortunately we only have a limited understanding of what’s out there and what’s happening to it, on which to base our future management – and this gap in our knowledge needs to be closed quickly, so we can integrate the management of our entire coastal regions better.”

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Photo Credit: robdownunder via flickr (CC license)