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Corporate Accountability International Kids Support SF Ordinance

We’ve been covering the progress of the proposal to ban the inclusion of toys in unhealthy fast food meals (e.g. McDonald’s Happy Meals) in San Francisco for awhile now (see: McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys to be Banned in San Francisco? and Update on San Francisco Happy Meal Toy Ban).

The vote on this proposal was just the other day and the result is good, the Board of Supervisors approved the ordinance! However, there are still some concerns. Here’s the update from an insider, Markie McBrayer of Corporate Accountability International SF:

Two weeks ago, Supervisor Mar delayed the vote until November 2nd in order to gain public support and develop a solid implementation plan—it worked! The Board passed the ordinance yesterday. This measure is the first step in ensuring our children’s health isn’t being taken advantage of by predatory marketing.

This certainly wasn’t an easy victory, as McDonald’s fought it every step of the way with the threat of lawsuits and aggressive lobbying. Fortunately, the Board of Supervisors received a groundswell of citizen support for the measure and voted in favor of the ordinance.

However, Mayor Newsom has promised to veto the measure. The Board has the final vote next Tuesday to override the veto, but the Supervisors need to hear from citizens that there’s still massive support for the ordinance.

We will be sure to keep you updated if there is any more news on this ordinance.

Photo Credit: Corporate Accountability International SF (CAI-SF) via Markie McBrayer