Last week, I wrote about the San Francisco Healthy Meals Incentive ordinance, which would ban the inclusion of toys in unhealthy fast food meals (i.e. in Happy Meals).

As I wrote previously, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee voted 3-0 in favor of the ordinance and it is now up to the Board of Supervisors to vote this ordinance forward or vote it down.

The news now, via an email from an insider involved in the campaign, is that “Supervisor Mar, who introduced the ordinance, has decided to delay the vote for two weeks. He notes the overwhelming public support and is allowing for time to make a solid implementation plan.

In Supervisor Mar’s own words:

My colleagues on the Board and I have been deeply impressed with the volume of supporters visiting our office, calling, writing letters, and emailing to express support for the Healthy Meals Legislation. San Franciscans from all walks, from pediatricians to parents, teachers to local restaurant owners, have gotten behind this common sense measure that is a step in addressing childhood obesity for our children and generations to come.

We have built a broad coalition of supporters and strong majority support on the Board.  We are committed to delivering on the ordinance’s vital health protections and continue to work with colleagues in firming-up a strong implementation plan.  I will be continuing the vote from Tuesday, October 19 to November 2nd as we continue to do the technical research and meet with stake holders to create a strong implementation timeline that is feasible for San Francisco restaurants.

You can help move this ordinance along as well, by calling Supervisor Dufty, the swing vote on this ordinance, and letting him know that you hope he will support this common sense measure to protect our kids’ health.

Details of the call are available via the link above.

Photo Credit: Corporate Accountability International SF (CAI-SF) Press Conference with Eric Mar via Markie McBrayer of CAI-SF