As most of you know, last Friday was Blog Action Day (B.A.D.), where bloggers across the Internet pull together to raise awareness about one issue.  This year’s topic was water, which is important in so many different ways.  Several sites on the Important Media network participated, so we thought it might be good to round up all of the posts from across the network in an Important Media Blog Action Day Carnival!

Here are the posts, grouped by site.

Clean Technica

  • Water & Energy Facts (Blog Action Day on Water)
  • New Microhydro Book is THE Microhydro Book
  • Cotton, Silver and Electricity can Kill Bacteria in Water

Eat Drink Better


Feelgood Style

  • Cool Health Benefits of Water on the Topic of Blog Action Day

Green Building Elements

  • Blog Action Day 2010 – Water


  • Our Water Planet – How Much Do You Know?
  • Coral Reefs Gone by 2100?
  • Blog Action Day Reminds Us — “Water is Life”

The Inspired Economist

  • Halosource Raises $80 Million and Expanding Clean Water Services
  • Preserving Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers: Water Matters!
  • Vigilant Futures Is Officially a Plastic Bottle-Free Zone
  • Be Truly You… Fall In Love With Your Tap Water

Photo Credit: © Ahmed Amir