Bicycle tune-up: Check. Registration materials: Check. Hybrid support vehicles ready: check. Variety of Clif bars: Check.  Plan for morning coffee: check!

Today over 100 riders are launching the 320-mile, 5 day Brita California Climate Ride to promote meaningful political action on climate and energy and to inspire citizens to envision a renewable energy-based economy.

The ride kicks off in Mendocino County among the redwoods, winds down along the Pacific coast and through Wine Country, and finally across the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco.

They will be joined by such notables as David Helvarg of the Blue Frontier, acclaimed photographic artist and social activist Chris Jordan, Hunter Lovins of the Natural Capitalism Solutions, Dr. Phillip Duffy of Climate Center, and Jenn Fox of ClimateWorks, from whom they will hear from each evening.

The Climate Ride also claims to be the greenest multi-day charity ride in the country, both in terms of carbon and waste. No plastic water bottles or disposable plastic waste is allowed and Climate-Riders will eat with reusable utensils and plates. The ride’s sponsor, Brita, is providing filtered water and reusable water bottles. And while it is a supported ride, they are using hybrid vehicles and purchasing full carbon offsets from Clif Bar.

Funds raised from the ride go to three non-profits, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Green America, and 1Sky. The three organizations work on clean energy, bicycle & walking infrastructure, and growing the green economy through supporting sustainable businesses and consumer choices.

Next summer there will be another Climate Ride form NYC to DC.

Visit ClimateRide and stay up to date on their ride on Twitter: @ClimateRide