After toiling all day long in the dirt, it’s natural to look forward to the crops that you harvest. Colorado Springs volunteers are anxious to begin the digging and planting so Dorchester Park Community Garden can become a thriving success.

The Springs Rescue Mission has designated Ty Syperda one of several beneficiaries of the community garden, which is located on S. Nevada Ave. Although the garden still needs much work, its 60’ x 60’ plot now has water, amended soil and even a fence. All that it requires are dedicated gardeners plant, sow seeds and maintain the green space.

In an interview with the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Director of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, Larry Stebbins, explained:

“This is going to be organic produce, fresh, local, and going to the people who can enjoy it the most…there’s been a lot of goodwill in that garden.”

The vegetables harvested from the community garden will be used to feed the hungry at the Marion House soup kitchen, the Springs Rescue Mission and the Urban Peak youth shelter. This is one of the few Colorado Springs’ community gardens that isn’t divided into small plots and rented out to residents. The volunteers are ready to get to work; they are greatly anticipating the garden’s local harvest. The local food production will be supporting a very worthwhile cause,: feeding the hungry and increasing access to healthy food options for those who need it the most.

Red Russian KaleA locally grown forest of organic red Russian kale.

Top photo: Courtesy of,
kale forest courtesy of Rhonda Winter