I met several lovely chickens yesterday when I was in Oakland, and I am now quite smitten. They are truly engrossing creatures to observe; the animal’s social behavior is very complex, their vocalizations are both soothing and fascinating, to say nothing of the delicious fresh eggs they provide. More and more urban chickens are being raised in cities, as increasing numbers of people are growing their own food and trying to create a more locally-based, sustainable and self-sufficient food supply.

chicken looking

Chickens!I watched these beautiful birds for hours yesterday; I am now totally chicken obsessed.



chicken tractorThis “chicken tractor” gets moved to various parts of my friend Ida’s garden, allowing the chickens to cultivate, aerate and fertilize the soil in different areas.
bicycle whee lonionsOnion shoots and bicycle spokes intertwine in the organic garden.
Mr. Dolly's feetThe beautiful feet of Mr. Dolly, the last rooster to get eaten, hang suspended in the air.