Not only do millions of cell phones end up in landfills each year, but those old phones contain a number of toxins, like arsenic and lead, which need to be disposed of properly to avoid contaminating the environment.

With Christmas and Hanukkah come and gone, tons of folks are playing with brand new cell phones and wondering what in the world to do with their old ones. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you can dispose of your old phone responsibly and check out a fantastic IMAX documnentary for free in return!

From January 15-24, Atlantans can hit up the Fernbank Museum and trade their old phones for a free ticket to the documentary Wild Ocean and a free, reusable shopping bag! The film is showing daily at Fernbank Museum of Natural History from January 1-March 11. IMAX® tickets are $13 for adults, but you can recycled your old cell phone and get in free between January 15th and 24th!

Not in the Atlanta area? No sweat! There are still a bunch of green ways that you can dispose of that old cell phone!

The film “explores the relationship between man and the ocean ecosystem” by following the migration of whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, gannets and billions of fish. Check out the trailer:

If you’re looking to catch the documentary, you can find a theater using the search tool at Big Movie Zone.

Image Credit: Cell Phones. Creative Commons photo by Dave Patten