Recently I have been reading very disturbing research showing how possibly Diet Coke can cause cancer and kill you. The artificial sweetener that is used in most diet beverages, aspartame, once ingested, becomes a lethal poison called methyl alcohol. Small quantities of this noxious substance can lead to blindness and death; even the most miniscule amounts of this aspartame toxin are strongly linked to cancer.


cancer tumor

This is a cancerous tumor that was removed from my body.

The National Cancer Institute has identified a significant increase in brain cancer beginning in 1984, one year after millions of people starting consuming the recently introduced artificial sweetener aspartame. The strong correlation between this popular new chemical and the rapid rise of cancer rates during this time period is stunning and frightening.

Research Calls for Urgent Action


The peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, has published a major study called the First Experimental Demonstration of Multipotential Carcinogenic Effects of Aspartame Administered in the Feed to Sprague-Dawley Rats” which found a significant increase in cancer in rats that had been administered small amounts of aspartame. The scientific research calls for:

“…an urgent reevaluation of the current guidelines for the use and consumption of this compound.”

Does Diet Coke = Death?


I rarely ever drink sodas, but have had the occasional Diet Coke in the past. I never knew that with every sip I was slowly pickling my brain in poisonous wood alcohol. I certainly now will never drink another aspartame laced beverage again.



This is a short video that was shot of a massive cancerous tumor that was removed from my body earlier this month at UCSF. I doubt that Diet Coke actually caused my cancer, but the frothy brown liquid that comes gushing forth from this disgusting growth looks somewhat like the aforementioned sweet bubbly beverage.

This is the first time my giant cancer tumor was drained.

my cancer tumor