Back in September, Atlanta’s 5 Seasons Brewing debuted their first beer from harvested rainwater at the National Conference for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. Now, the brewery is producing all of its microbrews from rainwater!

They’re continuing to work with Rain Harvest Systems, who installed a 6 stage filtration system that’s followed by dual-beam ultraviolet sterilization which results in water quality which far exceeds municipal tap water. Crawford Moran, biermeister for 5 Seasons says:

The processed rainwater not only fulfills our commitment to environmentally responsible production, but it also tastes better than municipal water, which ultimately makes a smoother, better tasting beer.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, there are three locations where you can hit up 5 Seaons: in Sandy Springs at their Prado location, in Alpharetta, or at their new restaurant on the Westside.

Image Credit: Save Water, Drink Beer. Creative Commons photo by futureshape