Culture Change)You could call Becky Lerner Oregon’s answer to “Survivorman” … only she’s not a man, and she hasn’t been left stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing but her wits and a pocketknife to help her survive.

Nope. This “Wild Girl,” as she calls herself, is in the middle of a week-long adventure in which she’s eating only food she can forage or catch on the wild streets of Portland. She’s blogging about her experience at Culture Change.

Although she’s a city dweller, the 26-year-old Lerner didn’t take on the challenge as a wild foods neophyte. A freelance journalist by trade, she’s lived on an organic farm, completed an apprenticeship in wilderness survival, written extensively about primitive skills and spent time studying wild foods. Still, that doesn’t mean she normally lives off dandelion greens and wild asparagua.

“As a city girl accustomed to the comforts of restaurants and supermarket food, I am excited to experience a new kind of luxury: interacting with the Earth the way I was meant to,” Lerner wrote before starting her urban foraging experiment.

So how’s she doing so far? Well, on day one, she had to resist the temptation of free pizza at the Internet cafe, but enjoyed a salad of dandelion leaves, sheep sorrel and plantain leaves garnished with some nice red clover flowers. Day two had her brewing up some pineappleweed tea — “(H)onestly the most delicious tea I’ve ever tasted!” — and cooking some nettle broth. Day three brought a dinner of baked burdock roots and an encore bowl of nettle broth.

She’s also admitted to a sudden craving for Thai food (“Jasmine rice. Mmmm.”)

Halfway there today!

You can follow Lerner’s adventures at Culture Change, where you can also find links to videos and other resources, as well as her email address. Have any questions, or just want to cheer her on? She’s eager to hear from her readers.