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Greening Your Spring Garden: Those Pesky Pests

[Creative Commons photo by gregor_y]

Conventional pesticides are pretty nasty. In Australia, pesticide runoff turned out to be responsible for some terrible fish mutations. Many conventional pesticides are proven carcinogens and groundwater contaminants. Instead of spraying these questionable chemicals, here are a few alternative ways to keep those pests out of the garden!

  • Not all garden bugs are bad! Try introducing some beneficial insects.
  • Certain plants almost care for each other when they’re growing in the same area. Give companion planting a whirl.
  • If you’re having an issue with a specific pest, check out living with bugs for some great natural solutions.
  • Instead of spraying harsh chemicals, you might try mixing up your own pesticide out of neem oil.
  • If time is an issue, Clean Air Gardening has a great selection of organic alternatives to keep you plants safe.