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Teens’ Virtual Yearbook Raises Thousands for Charities

Catherine, Dave and Geoff CookHow neat is this? Two kids — brother and sister Dave and Catherine Cook — decided the age-old tradition of school yearbooks was just dumb … and decided to create an alternative that was not only more useful, more entertaining and more interactive for today’s up-and-coming generation, but could also help make the world a better place.

The Pennsylvania-based creators of myYearbook have gone beyond mere social networking to cause-based social networking. Their site’s Causes section encourages teens in the 10-million-member-and-counting network to turn their lunch money into real money for charity.

The Cook siblings write, “The genius of Causes is in connecting these three very different groups — Teens, Sponsors, and Charities — and bringing them together to make a difference in the world. We currently cap our total monthly donation from myYearbook at $20,000 US dollars per month — which makes us … one of the largest sources of donations from young people — and we intend to increase that limit as we get more sponsors to support this endeavor.”

And what has Causes achieved so far? According to the site, participating teens have so far:

  • Removed 33,084,500 ounces of CO2 from the atmosphere;
  • Saved 27,965,962 square feet of rainforest;
  • Bought 58,785,012 calories of food for animals in need;
  • Bought 604,303,459 ounces of clean water;
  • Provided 14,684,784 square inches of blankets for the homeless; and
  • Bought 6,450,795,576 milligrams of teddy bear stuffing for children.

By the end of this month, myYearbook’s Causes is expected to have generated more than $150,000 in “lunch money” for a variety of charities, according to another brother, Geoff Cook, who serves as the company’s CEO.

Let’s see your standard-issue, old-fashioned print yearbook rival that.