My pal Lucille over at Feelgood Style recently posted about the Lush Seed the Nation Contest, and it reminded me that I’d been meaning to write a follow-up to this post on walk by guerrilla gardening from December.

With the idea of seed bombs gaining a little more attention lately, I thought it might be cool to revisit them here. Last time we talked seed bombs, it generated quite a bit of discussion, including some great points in the comments that felt like they warranted their own discussion.

So here you go! A couple of things to keep in mind when you’re whipping up a batch of seed bombs!

Be a Good Neighbor
The very first comment on that post about seed bombs said:

This is genius. I would be a little pissed to find a bunch of plants I didn’t want in my yard though!

I can’t agree more. The purpose behind these things is to add some color to abandoned and unkempt areas. All you achieve by tossing a seed bomb into a neighbors yard is a bummed out neighbor. The whole idea is to spread a little joy and beauty, which I think goes right along with respecting other folks’ property.

Keep it Native
You also want to make sure you’re not planting invasive species. Before you get your seeds together, do a bit of research to see what’s native to your region. Plant Native is a great place to start! You can look up native species by state. It doesn’t seem to list food plants for the most part, though. You might try doing a little Googling to find what fruits and veggies are indigenous to your area, if veggie bombs are what you’re after

So have any of you gotten out there and spread any little “explosions” of green space?

Image Credits:
Lush storefront photo by Lucille Chi.
Creative Commons flower photo by hofman.