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Adventures in Kitty Litter

How could we not want the safest, healthiest litter for this little lady?

Our hunt for an alternative cat litter began when our vet said that clay litter was a respiratory irritant. The more we researched cat litter, the more we learned that clay wasn’t just bad for our sweet kitties, it was bad for the planet. Clay, which makes up about 90% of the cat litters on the market, does not biodegrade. On top of that, much of the clay used in cat litter comes from strip mining. Yikes! Luckily there are all sorts of good options out there!

Making the Switch
Before we get to the litter alternatives, let’s talk about this whole litter-changing situation. Cats love routine, and they tend to freak out a little if you break that routine. When you’re changing anything in a kitty’s day-to-day, you don’t want to do it suddenly. Make it a gradual switch. Try Mixing 1/4 new litter to 3/4 old at first. After a week or two, go to half and half, then 3/4 to 1/4. It might take more than a month to completely switch litters, but I promise it beats a cat that refuses to go in the box.

The Scoop
When we first gave up the clay, we tried Yesterday’s News. The texture was a bit different from regular litter, so our cats weren’t fans at first. As they got used to it, though, my husband and I realized that we weren’t exactly fans. The box was still pretty stinky, despite the baking soda we were adding. It was time to try something new.

Up next, we gave Swheat Scoop a go. The cats liked this one a bit better, but the hubby and I disliked it immediately. The litter box stank. Intensely. Even on the same day that we’d changed the box. Gross! Sorry, kitties, but we had to give at least one more litter a shot.

The last litter we tried was Feline Pine. Our cats were hesitant about this one at first. It has the same pellet shape as the Yesterday’s News, but they’ve adjusted to that now. Thank goodness they did, because this stuff is here to stay! It somehow manages smell even better than the Arm and Hammer Multi Cat litter that we ditched at the beginning of this experiment. On top of that, it turns out a side effect of clumping is that the litter sticks to the sides of the box. This non-clumping litter is so much easier to clean out! Between the smell management and the cleaning ease, I’d recommend this litter even if I weren’t trying to give clay litter the boot!

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[Image Credit: Photo by Becky Striepe]