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“Clean coal is supported by the coal industry. The most trusted name in coal!”
There is no such thing as “clean coal” in the U.S. today. Coal is responsible for 32% of CO2 emissions in this country and 83% of the CO2 emissions from producing our electricity. In theory, we could retrofit this nation’s coal plants to capture their pollution and store it. Here is my question: If every single coal plant needs to be revamped to be truly “clean,” why not just invest that time and money in truly clean, renewables?

Despite the truth about coal, America’s coal industry spends millions of dollars to convince us that coal is the solution to our energy needs. The folks fighting these guys don’t have millions of dollars, but we do have a voice, and we can pull together to spread the word about the clean coal myth.

Take Action
If you’ve seen a claim about clean coal that feels less than true, This is Reality wants to hear from you! The first step in fighting the coal industry’s message is debunking any outright lies.

You can also get involved with Repower America, who is working towards making clean, renewable electricity a reality. Not only are renewables better for our air, our drinking water, and the planet we live on, initiatives like Repower America will create jobs building a new energy infrastructure. Reports that wind energy jobs have surpassed jobs in coal mining makes moving beyond coal look as good for the economy as it is for the environment!

There are also individual actions we can all take. Since we burn most of our coal for electricity, cutting your electricity use is a great way to help! Twilight Earth has some great tips to get you stared on cutting back your carbon. You can also take steps to make your home more energy efficient.

Spread the word! Our voices are our biggest defense against the coal industry’s clever message.

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Seth Anderson]