Fresh fruits & veggies at Cincinnati farmer's market.

The city of Cincinatti joined the choir growing louder by the day, urging residents to consider eating less meat in an effort to combat climate change. As part of the Green Cincinatti Plan, the city’s Food Task Force met for the first time and discussed a campaign that would ask that residents replace some of the meat in their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The goal would be that each resident cut back one day of meat consumption per week by 2012. Meat production is responsible for producing roughly one fifth of global greenhouse gases.

Other facets of the proposal include promoting fresh, local foods with less packaging and organic food.

Eating less meat is just one part of a plan that started in October 2007, when Cincinatti’s City Council unanimously directed the city manager to develop a climate action plan, which includes more than 80 recommendations on how the city can reduce its footprint, from using energy efficient light bulbs to giving the city’s 6,000 employees free public transportation.

So far, the city once called Porkopolis has mixed reactions to the idea.

Image Credit: ellievanhoute at Flickr through a Creative Commons License