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Stimulus Bike Offers Two-Wheeled Solution to Economic Troubles

ProfDEH at Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license)Here’s an idea that’s good for the planet and so much more: it’s a new blog I’ve just discovered called Stimulus Bike. Its mission? To “Improve the health of our economy, ourselves, our environment, and our wallets!”

Stimulus Bike says it wants to see economic stimulus funds work to promote cycling, something that could save us money over the long term (less gas money, fewer car repairs, etc.) and promote a healthier, more sustainable way of getting from here to there.

Now, under President Barack Obama’s currently proposed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the average citizen isn’t expecting to see a check in the mail a la last year’s economic boost effort (which didn’t work anyway). However, it’s possible you could benefit from reduced tax withholding in your paycheck. Stimulus Bike would like to see you invest those dollars in a two-wheeler of some kind:

“Use your economic stimulus money to buy a bike! Buy a new bike, a used bike, fix up your bike, get one for your kids, or donate the money to bike advocacy groups. A bike is a cheap yet effective way to get around, especially in combination with trains and buses where available. Many Americans just made New Year’s Resolutions to be green, to lose weight, or to budget their money better, and biking is a fantastic way to do all of those.”

Great ideas, all.

Though it’s a relatively new blog, Stimulus Bikes is chock full of useful resources, including a search feature for finding bike shops in your area, tips for bike commuting and winter biking, and links to bike route mapping sites. And if you want to share your own cycling experiences, Stimulus Bike wants to hear from you.

So check it out and subscribe to Stimulus Bike’s RSS feed. Using stimulus funds to promote and support cycling sounds a whole lot smarter than some of the other so-called stimulus ideas some politicians have been kicking around.