Ultra Touch Cotton InsulationBonded Logic in Chandler Arizona has found a way to turn old blue jeans into environmentally safe insulation. This eco-friendly insulation resists microbial growth, contains no formaldehyde, is an LEED eligle product, is Class A fire rated, and is made from recycled blue jeans and denim scraps. Best of all…no itch or skin irritation. 

The bad news is Bonded Logic’s Ultra Touch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation is not readily available everywhere yet (Hello, Home Depot? Can you start carrying this product?). The good news is Michigan does have a distributor, Cotton Insulation, Inc, a woman owned and operated business in Comstock Park, MI. Even better news-you can purchase the cotton insulation directly from them.

My home is a constant DIY project. Over the years we have redone everything from the roof to the basement. Sometimes though we don’t get around to finishing things. One project that has remained unfinished is two walls around a room in the basement, they need insulation then they need to be closed off.

Aside from monetary issues, finding the best product for what we need is another big thing that keeps us from getting projects done. I can not stand the smell of many chemical laden home remodeling products like many paints, furniture stripper, glue, adhesives, and stuff like that, so projects get put off until we mind non-smelly, eco-alternatives. And as I am often my hubby’s assistant (sometimes unwillingly) other products need to meet my standards as well. So as far as insulation goes, can’t stand the itchy, scratchy fiberglass stuff, it doesn’t seem to work very well, and it is not eco-friendly. But now I discovered the natural cotton insulation- and I want it.

How can I not want my walls to be filled with comfy, fuzzy, soft blue jeans? I mean, you know how good a pair of well worn jeans feels, right? Imagine your whole home being wrapped in that comfort. Sure it will be inside your walls so you won’t really be feeling it or looking at it, but you’ll know that your home is so much comfier, warmer and eco-friendly. I guess it is a mind-set thing but it would be very reassuring don’t you think, to know your home is filled with natural cotton?

And the Ultra Touch Cotton Insulation is easy to install, it comes in traditional style insulation batts and the pieces fit right into the wall. No stapling required. All you need is an Insul knife to help you cut through the insulation. Sounds pretty easy.

This weekend hubby’s to-do list includes measuring the walls to see how many square feet of Ultra Touch Natural Fiber Insulation we’re going to need. Then I’ll be giving the ladies at Cotton Insulation, Inc a call.