Jim.henderson at Wikimedia Commons, public domain)Pensacola’s not a big city, population-wise, but it’s spread out over a large area that’s more car- than pedestrian-friendly. So it’s nice to see that visitors now have a more eco-friendly option for exploring the historic “City of Five Flags”: pedicabs.

The Pensacola News-Journal reports this week that the city welcomed its first pedal-powered taxi service this fall with the launch of Foot Taxi. The business offers eight pedicabs in a service area that encompasses most of the old downtown area, including many of the city’s popular nightspots and restaurants.

Co-founder Joe Abston told the News-Journal he was inspired by seeing the success of pedicabs in similarly scaled historic destinations like Key West and Charleston, South Carolina. The fact that his business could be eco-friendly was an added plus, he said.

“It’s a completely ‘green’ way to get around,” he told the newspaper. “The last thing we wanted our business to do was add to a global environmental problem.”

You gotta like that attitude, along with Foot Taxi’s pricing policy: there is none. Drivers work for tips only, so customers pay what they think is appropriate (fortunately, no customer yet has left a driver completely empty-handed).

Abston and co-founder Melissa Beacham say their service has provided hundreds of rides since going into operation. The business has even picked up some regulars, like Michael Feely, manager of a downtown restaurant. He told the News-Journal, “After we’ve been running around all night, we want to be pampered. We probably use (Foot Taxi) about five or six times a week, and it’s a fun little experience.”

You can read the full News-Journal article here.