UN Assn documentary film festival (UNAFF)

Palo Alto, San Francisco and East Palo Alto (then, coming to a city near you)–Each year, the eleven year-old UN Association Film Festival chooses a theme related to the UN Charter, and this year it is “Blue Planet, Green Planet”.

Numerous other human rights issues will be addressed as well, but the environment and our collective relationship to it will be explored in all sorts of creative ways. And if you think that documentary films are like the “talking heads” we used to sit through in elementary school, be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised.

Between October 19th and 26th, the Festival will screen 41 documentary films from as many countries. Having seen at least a couple of the films every year since the Festival’s founding, I can tell you that great storytelling is great entertainment, and real life stories can be even more engaging than fiction.

Hopefully, the schedule of films in the main festival will be posted on the UNAFF site by the time you are reading this, but the general schedule is:

the opening night celebration and films will be in Palo Alto on October 19th

then the Festival moves to the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco on the 20th

then to East Palo Alto on October 21st

and finally to Stanford University for the screenings from October 22nd through the 26th.

But really, it is not so final. The UNAFF never really ends. A mini festival travels throughout the year, so check out the travel schedule (and check back often) to see when the films will come your way.