photo by Becca C
[photo by Becca C]

I was at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe looking to satisfy a craving for dark chocolate and couldn’t help but notice the tubes of personal lubricant behind the counter. I’ve got to admit here: until right then, it hadn’t occurred to me that maybe those little bottles of lube from the drug store were problematic. Clearly, some research was in order!

It seems that the issues with a lot of over-the-counter lubes are glycerin and paraben. Glycerin, which is derived from sugar, is just no good for your girlie parts. These sugars can ferment and make you more susceptible to a yeast infection or UTI. Yuck! Paraben is used as a preservative and is banned from use in consumer products in many countries, though not in the U.S. Some recent studies have shown a possible link between paraben and breast cancer.

Yikes! Now, the hunt is on to replace my little tube of KY. I found a few paraben- and glycerin-free products that look like they’re worth a shot. Check out the list with price comparisons after the jump!

  1. Yes® – This lubricant is certified organic! The company also boasts that its lubes are free of petroleum-based ingredients. The 75 ml bottle runs $23 and is available over at
  2. Sliquid Organics – Another organic lube, Sliquid packages its products in recyclable bottles and pillow packs. Sliquid is also 100% vegan and not tested on animals. It also has a name that is fun to say! “Sliquid.” You can pick up a 4.2 oz (around 125 ml) bottle for about $15 at
  3. Firefly Organics – A 4 oz. (about 120 ml) bottle of Firefly Organics is available on the company’s website for $18.95. This petroleum-free lube is actually a reformulated version of Nude Organic Personal Lubricant. Unlike Nude, Firefly is latex-compatible.

You can’t get much more local than changing up what you use in your own bedroom. Avoiding harmful ingredients not only keeps them off of our bodies, it helps keep them out of the ecosystem.

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