Sustainable Living Roadshow
[image via Sustainable Living Roadshow]

The Sustainable Living Roadshow is touring the country in biofuelled vehicles spreading the word about green living. The tour integrates entertainment, education, media and business into an “off-the-grid eco-carnival!” They are visiting 11 schools across the country, educating folks on how to live, work and play more sustainably. Want to check them out? There are a few cities remaining on the tour:

  • September 12-13 at Harrison Field, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
  • September 20-21 at Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  • September 27-28 at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • October 4-5 at University of New Orleans, NOLA
  • October 11-12 at The Hundred Acre Wood Events, Austin, TX

The roadshow’s mission is to empower people through knowledge. Topics they will cover include local power generation, community based food production, natural building strategies, conscious consumer choices, progressive public health policies, and alternative transportation. It’s not all business, though. This event includes music, art and film, too! There is even a carnival-style midway!

Not only are they educating folks on sustainable living, the whole tour is Earth-friendly. According to their website, “All events are off the grid and zero waste; all tours are petroleum free; all food will be local and organic!” Pretty cool, if you ask me! I’m definitely planning to hit up the event here in Atlanta!

image via The Sustainable Living Roadshow

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