photo via Danny Boyster
[photo by Danny Boyster]

Eating food that is locally grown can put a huge dent in your carbon footprint. Most food travels hundreds or even thousands of miles from farm to table, guzzling tons of fuel. All of that travel doesn’t help the food’s freshness, either!

Yesterday, I wrote about growing your own fall vegetables. For some folks, though, that sort of thing is just not an option. Another great way to eat local is to hit up a farmers market or join a CSA! Local Harvest has a great list of CSAs and farmers markets by region. In the Atlanta area, there are several really great markets around town! Here are just a few.

Morningside Market
The Morningside Market runs year round, setting up each Saturday from 8-11:30am. All of the produce available is local and certified organic, and the food travels no more than two hours from where it’s grown. On top of great, fresh produce this market features beautiful flowers, handmade soaps, breads, and sauces.

Decatur Organic Farmers Market
The Decatur Organic Farmers Market is also open all year. They are open on Wednesdays from 4-7pm. A great bonus about this market is that it’s MARTA-accessible! Located right off of Decatur Square on Clairemont Ave, it’s only a half mile from the Decatur MARTA station. The market has amazing organic offerings in addition to produce, including locally-made sauces and jams.

East Atlanta Village Farmers Market
There is still time to check out the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market. This one goes from May through November, 4pm to dusk, in hip historic East Atlanta Village. The EAV Farmers Market focuses on community-building, too! Alongside the selection of local food products, they offer spaces for local artists and entertainers.

Shopping at a local farmers market is a whole new food-buying experience. You get the opportunity to meet the folks who grew your food, and a lot of markets offer activities, like crafts for kids and cooking demonstrations.