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Use Your EcoBrain: Green Reading Without the Trees

EcoBrain.)If you’ve ever felt guilty about buying a new book, but really wanted a title you couldn’t find used online or at the library, here’s a cool and greener way to stay on top of new releases from the world of environmental publishing: EcoBrain.

Founded last year by two passionately green families at different ends of North America (one in the U.S., one in Canada), EcoBrain is “dedicated to educating people about environmental living options while affording them the opportunity to purchase materials digitally in an effort to radically reduce the impact on the environment,” according to its Website. In other words, it lets you buy books about green living in a way that’s truly green: in digital, no-printed-paper-or-snail-mail-delivery-necessary format.

While the company’s tech and service people are based in Atlanta, the rest of the staff works remotely from various locales, another boost for the environment. And though it’s only one year young, EcoBrain already boasts an extensive list of titles on everything from climate change and cooking to renewable energy, religion and sustainable living.

These aren’t self-published or vanity books of questionable pedigree, either. EcoBrain’s offerings include releases from established publishers like New Society, Storey Publishing and Cambridge University. Among the site’s top titles: “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” by Michael C. Ruppert;  “The Casual Conservationist” by Eric Robbins; and “EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth” by Dan Chiras.

EcoBrain also buys carbon offsets to compensate for the carbon emissions of its business operations, and is looking into Web hosting options that use servers powered by renewable energy. To learn more about the company or to browse its selection of titles, visit EcoBrain.